Tuesday, 8 July 2014

La Reference Bar & Restaurant

We are delighted to announce that effective 6th June, SafetyNet Security Group were awarded and took over the contract to supply ‘Front of House’ Door Supervision Staff to the ‘La Reference Bar & Restaurant’ which is an African Restaurant, Bar and Night Club in Birmingham.  Playing African and current music and serving a variety of African food in the best African atmosphere.

Otis Hanley, CEO of SafetyNet Security Group commented “This is an exciting opportunity for the company moving forward. This is another high profile venue to add to our already expanding and prestigious portfolio of venues within Birmingham”.

Warwick University Campus Road Improvements

SafetyNet Security Group is delighted to announce that we have been selected to provide assistance to Warwick University during the Campus Road Improvements Scheme, which runs from June to October.  We will by working closely with the University Security Team regarding the supply of Security Traffic Control Officers. 

Since the beginning of June, SafetyNet Security Group has been supplying up to 15 Traffic Control Officers each day, Monday to Friday.  The TCO’s are strategically located throughout the campus and work closely with the Campus Security Manager.
Warwick University is investing a great deal in developing their campus. This will include work to improve the roads on and around campus, to increase the amount of parking available on campus, to construct new facilities for their staff and students, and to improve the campus experience for their 50th anniversary and beyond.  The University are working with Coventry City Council (CCC) to improve safety along Gibbet Hill Road and the capacity of local junctions. These changes were agreed in 2009 as part of the campus Masterplan development and form part of the planning obligations to the local councils.
While this will bring enormous benefits to all in terms of improved transport links, it will inevitably have an impact on life at Warwick in the short-term. During the works there will be disruption including road closures and use of temporary traffic lights.
The works will include:
  • Installing a new roundabout at the junction between University Road and Gibbet Hill Road by the Arts Centre. This will require realignment of University Road to connect the roundabout and bus interchange to the existing University Road, providing an extra two-way entry and exit onto main campus from Gibbet Hill Road.
  • Library Road will be permanently closed at its junction with Gibbet Hill Road and will only be accessible to service vehicles or disabled drivers from University Road from 23 June onward. It will be 2-way for the small number of vehicles allowed.
  • Traffic calming measures including a raised granite table next to Radcliffe House and a 20mph speed zone between Benefactors and Scarman House.
  • Reducing the width of the arms of the Scarman Road/Gibbet Hill Road/University Road roundabout to improve safety and pedestrian access.
  • Constructing a right turn lane into Gibbet Hill campus
  • Changing the Gibbet Hill Road/ Kenilworth Road/Stoneleigh Road junction to a roundabout. There will be pelican crossings on both Kenilworth Road and Gibbet Hill road near the roundabout

From Monday 30 June until October 2014:
  • Gibbet Hill Road from Cryfield cottages to Scarman roundabout will be completely closed to all traffic.
  • Gibbet Hill Road from the car park 2 roundabout to Cryfield cottages, and around University Road until the area just before Health Centre Road, will be closed to traffic, with only buses, construction, service and emergency vehicles allowed access. (Orange line on map)

During this time, for all traffic other than emergency vehicles, buses and construction/service vehicles, this essentially means:
  • There will be no through route from one end of campus to the other. All traffic destined for central campus (University Road and its car parks, and Scarman Road) must enter campus via Kirby Corner roundabout (near Varsity).
  • All traffic destined for Gibbet Hill campus, car park 2 roundabout and destinations off Leighfield Road must enter campus via Kenilworth Road/Coventry Road and Gibbet Hill Road.
  • There will be no through route via Leighfield/Scarman road.

Traffic lights:
  • From 30 June, traffic lights will be in operation at Scarman roundabout while works are undertaken to reduce the width of the arms and to improve safety and pedestrian access.
  • At times, traffic lights will be in operation at the junction of Kenilworth Road/Coventry Road/Stoneleigh Road/Gibbet Hill Road to enable the construction of a new roundabout.

At times, traffic lights will be in operation on Gibbet Hill Road next to the entrance to Gibbet Hill campus, to enable the construction of a new right-hand turning lane.