Wednesday, 11 September 2013

CHAS Membership

Otis Hanley, CEO of SafetyNet Security Group is delighted to announce that we have been accepted for membership of CHAS, who are the largest and fastest growing Health and Safety assessment scheme in the UK, with 570 buyer members and over 50,000 suppliers on its database.

April 2013

Kenilworth Wardens

For the third year running Safetynet Security Group proudly sponsor Kenilworth Wardens under 14's Junior Football Club.

July 2013 

RIPA compliancy

Otis Hanley, CEO of SafetyNet Security Group is delighted to announce that having recently completed all of the necessary criteria, we have now achieved RIPA compliancy.

RIPA is the law governing the use of covert techniques by public authorities. It requires that when public authorities, such as the police or government departments, need to use covert techniques to obtain private information about someone, they do it in a way that is necessary, proportionate, and compatible with human rights.

RIPA’s guidelines and codes apply to actions such as:
  • intercepting communications, such as the content of telephone calls, emails or letters
  • acquiring communications data: the ‘who, when and where’ of communications, such as a telephone billing or subscriber details
  • conducting covert surveillance, either in private premises or vehicles (intrusive surveillance) or in public places (directed surveillance)
  • the use of covert human intelligence sources, such as informants or undercover officers
  • access to electronic data protected by encryption or passwords
RIPA applies to a wide-range of investigations in which private information might be obtained. Cases in which it applies include:
  • terrorism
  • crime
  • public safety
  • emergency services

July 2013

To supply static security officers to Birmingham City Football Club

Safetynet Security Group is delighted to announce that effective the new 2013/2014 football season, we have secured the contract to supply static security officers to Birmingham City Football Club, on match days.
This is a ‘front of house’ scenario whereby our duties will include liaison with Directors, Management, Staff, Team, TV crews and the general public.  This involves the control of access/egress to all of the major car parks associated with St Andrews and the main stadium car park.

Otis Hanley, CEO of SafetyNet Security Group, a staunch lifelong supporter of the club added: “I am delighted to be afforded an opportunity to work alongside the club I have supported since my youth.  I know we can impact on security immeasurably and bring on board our professionalism in order to ensure that all match day parking runs seamlessly”. 

August 2013

Full ‘on-site’ security solution to an internationally known company

Despite a tough climate SafetyNet Security Group has recently won a contract to supply the full ‘on-site’ security solution to an internationally known company that has taken over new premises in Sutton in Ashfield.  This company has specialized in and developed a range of products specifically designed for harsh environmental conditions and where there is a risk of explosion due to the presence of flammable atmospheres both offshore and onshore.

Having spent £2M+ refurbishing the whole site, our client was looking for a security company that could take over security, hit the ground running and provide an innovative solution which would solve their ongoing security requirements.

Otis Hanley, CEO of SafetyNet Security Group added that he is delighted that we have been chosen to supply the full on site security to this organization and look forward to developing a strong working partnership with our new client, moving forward.

August 2013

Birchfield Community School

SafetyNet Security Group is delighted to announce that after a successful ‘trial’ period, effective immediately, our services have been engaged to supply static security guarding to Birchfield Community School.

We will work closely with the Head Teacher and her staff to ensure the Safety of all staff and students is maintained.  This will be maintained by the control of access/egress to the School grounds, in a professional and dignified manner.

Otis Hanley, the CEO of SafetyNet Security Group, commented that we are delighted to be afforded an opportunity to work with the School during the longer term.

September 2013

Association of Chief Police Officers approved Security Company

Safetynet Security Group is an ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) approved Security Company and has also completed the Community Safety Awareness Scheme.

Originally employed as Taxi Marshals the role has developed over time as a high visibility sign-post for help and early intervention approach. We have had excellent feedback from the public on their pastoral work and businesses, CCTV and Police on their work to prevent problems escalating.

We have continued to supply Street Wardens to Leamington Town Centre during a weekend, working closely with Warwickshire Police and Warwickshire District Council.

This has led to Warwick University rolling out a scheme to adopt Street Marshalls to adopt a new strategy to look after their 5000+ students living in the Leamington Spa area.  This will help improve the relationship between the Universities, local authorities and local community.

SafetyNet Security Group has been tasked to help with this new initiative.  This will promote positive community relations and encourage students to behave responsibly.  It will also afford protection to the student population in Royal Leamington Spa.

SafetyNet Security Group has been tasked to work closely with the relevant authorities with the supply of additional Street Marshalls, which will not be restricted to weekends, but will also encompass week days.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

SafetyNet Security Group Set To CelebrateTenth Anniversary with 2013 Expansion Plan.

Safetynet, the national premier supplier of security services in the UK, is celebrating its tenth anniversary by embarking upon an expansion plan, which could see the firm catapulted into becoming one of the leading security providers in the UK.

SafetyNet intends to  extend its loyal and professional workforce beyond its current capacity by adding new departments at its head office in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter. This is in response to the demands of their current and new customers, as well as in-keeping with the company's philosophy of "working in partnership with clients and customers to ensure satisfaction and a quality service."

The brainchild of Otis Hanley, Safetynet was established in 2003, after he found a gap in the market.  It took 12 months to obtain his first client and during this time he went about putting a workforce of 25 staff together, ensuring that they were all S.I.A. licensed

 Since securing his first customer, Otis has never looked back. Working alongside multiple corporate organisations and businesses, as well as providing services for Birmingham City Football club, a variety of Schools and Universities, October 2012 seen the rebranding of SafetyNet Security Group. The rebranding has enabled the organisation to be recognised as a leading and formidable force amongst other national organisations. Coupled with an  increased workforce of over 200 staff, a new PR and marketing department and a business development department, the organisation is literally growing in size, capacity and strength. 

In light of SafetyNet Security Group's multiple awards and accreditations, it always endeavours to work cohesively with fellow security companies ensuring high standards and quality training.  

Otis Hanley CEO SafetyNet Security Group, said: "By providing professional and personalised advice, SafetyNet help businesses throughout the Midlands to ensure they always operate within the most current and up-to date legislation. In turn this ensures local businesses enhance and maintain positive relationships with local authorities, and the Police." 

Looking to the future, SafetyNet Security Group are continuously pursuing the finest qualities in security provision and challenging 'the norm' . In this, SafetyNet are always seeking new opportunities and are willing to consult with any parties that maybe interested in security  provision. In the words of it's CEO "These are exciting times for future of Safetynet Security Group, we welcome all who want to share in its vision" . 

For more information, please visit the SafetyNet Security Group website at, Alternatively, to discuss the range of the security training courses provided by SafetyNet, please visit